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Behaviour managment

At Sandfield Park Nursery, behaviour management is based on the principle that children and adults are to be valued equally. The main aims of the behaviour management policy are to:

  • Help create a happy nursery, which fosters good relationships and encourages effective learning.
  • Develop a positive, whole nursery approach that permeates the nursery, and maintains the ethos and is noticeable to children and staff.
  • Provide an environment that is safe, secure and stable and offers opportunities for the development of self-discipline.
  • Agree on a code of conduct that is recognised and practised to avoid the individual variations that cause problems for staff and children.
  • Ensure that all adults are seen as role models for the desired behaviours.

The policy is divided into three sections: relationships, the classroom and the environment.

We should all treat each other with consideration, courtesy and respect.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that Sandfield Park nursery is an attractive safe and healthy environment.