Sandfield House
North Drive
Sandfield Park
L12 1LG

Tel: 0151 228 4040

Quality Counts NDNA Approved

Curriculum and activities

The nursery has been designed and equipped to cater for children of all ability ranges. Every child will be encouraged to work and develop at their own pace, in order to reach their full potential.

Shape, colour and number are included at every opportunity within the activities on offer, from those for young babies right up to the older child.

Children are able to participate in various activities including music and movement,  art and creative skills, physical exercise, role play using dressing up clothes and various other props.

The children are encouraged to participate in pre-school activities, these will include numeracy, language and literacy, science and pre-reading. Staff plan first hand experiences which enable children to make choices as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. children’s care, learning and play are supported well by staff who monitor children’s progress through a key worker system.

Activities within the nursery foster children’s moral, social and cultural development. The children are made aware of right from wrong, are encouraged to be polite, to take turns and co-operate with each other and the staff thus developing personal independence and learning to take initiatives.

Communication, language and literacy

Stories are essential - at Sandfield Park we are in partnership with Liverpool City Council who regularly provide us with a library bus. All of the children have a chance of taking turns on the bus and a choosing a story of their choice.

Stories can be told or read aloud to children. Both are essential in the development of their growing knowledge of the world. Every time you share a story with a child, they should be invited to respond in some way. Responses can vary from simple conversations about the story to more complex activities such as playing at being the characters, creating a picture or engaging in conversations that lead children to further thoughts and reasoning.

The pre-school children also go out on regular outings to the local library for 'story time' and to explore the different story books to bring back to nursery.

We work in partnership with all the local businesses to ensure that our children receive the best knowledge, information and resources that the community has to offer. During our visits to Larkhill Library our children our able to gain knowledge and understanding of the world and have been praised by the staff in the library for their manners and outstanding behaviour.

Sign language

Every Monday morning in our pre-school room we have a sign language teacher who attends to talk and teach our children how to sign letters, words and nursery rhymes. All of our children enjoy learning new words to show all of their family and friends what they have learnt.

  • Sign language #1
  • Sign language #2

Dance and drama

Sandfield Park Day Nursery have a dance teacher that organises a 1 hour dance class with the 2-5 year olds. The session provides  music and movement with the children and  lots of different types of music for the children to enjoy  dancing to. Our Christmas show involves  the children and all the staff members who all look forward to it.

  • Dance and drama


Sandfield Park has a French teacher that comes in to provide French lessons for 3-4 year olds. The lessons encourage basic French and provides the children with work sheets to take home.

Children’s leavers party - Graduation

Each year our school leavers children all participate in our leaving graduation ceremony. Our dance teacher Trish provides songs and rhymes for all of our children to practice songs and rhymes for all of our children to practice and all parents/guardians/carers are invited to come along to watch all of their hard work and effort. During graduation our children are presented with a certificate from their teachers and all of our children enjoy a leaving party afterwards.

  • Graduation #4
  • Graduation #2
  • Graduation #3
  • Graduation #1

Babbling babies

At Sandfield Park we have our 'babbling babies' hour which involves all of our young children in the baby room unit. The children enjoy group nursery rhymes, short stories and lots of sensory baskets and a variety of different resources.

  • Babbling babies #1
  • Babbling babies #2

Fitness and sports

At Sandfield park day nursery some of the staff members are trained in sports and fitness they do lots of activities such as football, basketball obstacle courses and lots more all the children enjoy all the activity’s and if the weather is not good outside we will do the activities inside but there is no such thing as bad weather so if it is raining or snowing we get our wellies, coats , hats and gloves on and out we go it is all great fun and lots of learning.

  • Outside photo 1
  • Outside photo 2
  • Outside photo 3
  • Outside photo 4


Once a week all of our pre-school children enjoy our 'Yoga Bananas' class which encourages all children's physical and communication development. The children enjoy learning new movements and stretches and are provided with individual yoga mats during the activity. The class can be carried out both indoors and outdoors and short stories are told during each session to promote children's imaginative play.

  • Yoga 1
  • Yoga 2
  • Yoga 3

Cooking and healthy eating

Here at sandfield park day nursery we like to encourage healthy eating we have lots of choice for the children at breakfast time dinner time and snack time we also have cooking lessons with the cook once a week on different days so all children have the opportunity for cooking, the children will pick what they would like to cook and we take lots of photos for the parents and visitors to see.

  • Cooking and health eating 1
  • Cooking and healthy eating 2

Gardens and outdoor play area

In our gardens at sandfield park day nursery we have  different areas one is the climbing frame and swings the other is the hard floor for the bikes and prams to be played with and our beautiful sensory garden.

Sensory play

We provide all of our children with a variety of sensory resources to promote all areas of sensory development. We use our home-made sensory baskets during small group play and free play during each day and staff also set up our sensory suitcase which includes bubble machines, LED lights, vibrating resources, colour changing fountain, coloured projector and much more.

  • Sensory play #1
  • Sensory play #2

The sensory garden

In the sensory garden we focus on all 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

  • Sensory garden 1
  • Sensory garden 2
  • Sensory garden 3
  • Sensory garden 4


The garden helps with sight by having lots of different colours in it and seeing the plants and vegetables grow bigger.


The garden helps sound by the movement of the trees and the different birds that come to visit the garden the sound of the wind and the different types of weather we have lots of different wind chimes in the trees that make all different sounds for the children to listen to, and running water in our water feature. 


The garden is great for touch as it has lots of different materials in it which are wood, rocks, metal, plants, sand and water the plants have different types of leaves on them some are furry, spiky, smooth and rough the garden will change with the different types of weather rain will make things wet and the sun will dry the plants out so the children water the plants to help them grow.


The garden is perfect for smell we have lots of flowers that have different smells and we have herbs that the children can smell the herbs range from parsley and mint to curry the children pick the herbs when they are ready and help the cook put them in the dinner for them to eat.


The garden is great for taste we have vegetables and herbs that the children have grown  and then when they are grown the children cook them in the cooking lessons. We take lots of pictures of the children in the sensory garden planting, and watering the plants, picking them and cooking them with the cook.