Sandfield House
North Drive
Sandfield Park
L12 1LG

Tel: 0151 228 4040

Quality Counts NDNA Approved

The facilities

Sandfield Park Private Day Nursery is a purpose built building which provides a stimulating, safe, child centred environment, ideal for your children to be nurtured in their formative years.

Inside the nursery

We have a delightful, well-equipped baby unit for the under 2’s with a separate Milk Kitchen and Baby Changing Unit. 1-2 year olds are able to explore and experience colours shapes and texture in our toddler room with painting, water play and sand play, and many more creative experiences preparing them for the main room.

Our pre-school room is bright and inviting with lots of natural light from our skylight windows and the childrens' colourful wall displays.

  • Inside 1
  • Inside 2
  • Inside 3
  • Inside 7
  • Inside 8
  • Inside 9
  • 3-5 room #3
  • Inside the nursery #10
  • Inside the nursery #11
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  • Inside the nursery #13
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  • Inside the nursery #15

The 3-5 room is situated on the mezzanine level and is a large space for all children to learn and explore during each day. Within the room the children have access to their very own bathroom which consists of two seperate toilet cubicles, sinks and hand-wash facilities which helps enourage children's independence whilst toilet training.

  • 3-5 room #1
  • 3-5 room #2

Within the pre-school we ensure that we encourage independence and provide a variety of choices and resources such as children's coat pegs to help them begin to recognise letters and names. Our drinking fountain provides easy constant access for all children.

Our pre-school room children can enjoy all activities such as messy and creative play and also take part with tactile activities such as sand, water, pasta, bubbles and play-dough.

Outside playing facilities

In our gardens at Sandfield Park Day Nursery we have diffrent areas - one is the climbing frame and swings the other is the hard floor for the bikes and prams to be played with. The other part is our beauitiful sensory garden.

  • Outside 1
  • Outside 2
  • Outside 3
  • Outside 4

The sensory garden

In the sensory garden we focus on all 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

  • Sensory garden 1
  • Sensory garden 2
  • Sensory garden 3
  • Sensory garden 4

Plum jam tree

At Sandfield Park we have our very own plum tree in our lovely sensory garden. All of our children help to collect our ripe plums once a year and use them during cookery activities to make plum jam. Our very own jam is used during our breakfast time for children to have on their toast and also for snacktimes for sandwiches and home-made scones.

Library bus

We are in partnership with Liverpool City Council who regularly provide us with a library bus. All of the children have the chance of taking turns on the bus and choosing a story of their choice to enjoy. Stories can be told or read aloud to children. Both are essential in the development of their language, their literacy and their growing knowledge of the world. Every time you share a story with children they should be invited to respond in some way. Responses can vary from simple conversations about the to more complex activities such as playing at being the characters or making a picture or engaging in conversations that lead children to further thoughts and reasoning.