Sandfield House
North Drive
Sandfield Park
L12 1LG

Tel: 0151 228 4040

Quality Counts NDNA Approved

Our philosophy

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative and crucial in laying down foundations for the future.

Many people have studied the theory of play.  Herbert Spencer studied the 1st real theory and came to regard play as an outlet for surplus energy, with a consequent reduction of tension.

At the beginning of this century, Karl Groos stated that play is ‘Preparation for Adult Life’   Buhler and perhaps more better known, Piaget, believed that children developed as thinkers and learners through formulating and testing their own experiences.

All the activities on offer here at Sandfield Park are clearly designed to give children an opportunity to experience their environment, practice and develop skills, increase their knowledge, and to be given chances to make choices, to be praised and encouraged, to feel comfortable and secure in a warm, loving environment, and above all to be given respect and to be valued in their own right.